Employee Assistance Program

Healthy Workplace


AVITA Egypt has been providing international services15 years experience for HR departments of world-class companies and employees. All our services are carried out within the framework of specific standards and codes of ethics based on the principles of confidentiality, trust, and corporate co-operation. 


Contracting with experts in psychological, legal, financial, and nutrition counselors, we guarantee providing employees with solutions to their personal and professional problems therefore help them establish a successful work-life balance. AVITA Egypt provides effective management tools to managers while providing support through analysis, evaluation, and reporting services. 


When the employees personal/professional problems are solved, his capability to concentrate on work increases, his performance improves, which reflect positively on his productivity and quality of work. Managers who are able to use their time more effectively also have a chance to work more efficiently.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

With all the responsibilities imposed upon us, stress is increasing therefore negative feelings are growing which are negatively affecting our psychological wellbeing and our professional performance and productivity. Our Employee Assistance Program is helping organizations and managers improve productivity and profitability in the workplace, moreover, building a healthy work-life balance.

Healthy Workplace

Avita Healthy Workplace program is comprehensive programme that aims to create awareness in individuals about the healthy life style behaviors.Healthy Workplace Program focuses on training, personal care, preventing diseases and general lifestyle behaviors to create a healthy corporate culture within employees.

Employee Support Program

Stress is increasing, negative feelings are multiplying, as well as responsibilities imposed by the pressured private life directly affecting business productivity. Employees sometimes have difficulty coming from above.

Employee Support Programs are helping organizations and managers to improve productivity and profitability in the workplace as one of the most effective solutions for building work-life balance.


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